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The Topeka Capital-Journal reaches over 1 million people everyday through its various channels.

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  • Engine 212™
    Know who your advertising is reaching and how they are being reached.
  • Front Page Billboards
    Get noticed first with maximum exposure of your message.
  • CJ Business Directory
    An affordable way to get daily advertising exposure for your business.
  • Print and Deliver
    The Topeka Capital-Journal's new program for inserting 8 1/2 x 11 full color bleed or non-bleed inserts.
  • At Home
    At Home Living is distributed to more than 100,000 homes every Saturday and is also available at more than 80 prominently displayed locations in Topeka.
  • Food and Flicks
    What to eat and watch in Topeka and Northeast Kansas!
    Your next home is just a few clicks away with the new site!
  • CJ Extra
    An outstanding marketing opportunity that will get your business' name into over 68,000 households in NE Kansas.