Your daily Topeka Capital-Journal is now available on the iPad. You’ll get the same comprehensive local content as in your newspaper but with enhanced content, including additional photographs and videos.

Tablet adoption iPad, iPhone, iPod has been historic, now officially the fastest technology adoption in human history. Reach an upscale affluent market by putting your message on the iPad, iPhone and Droid.

In-Story Ads

  • Ad will stay on page as you view the story.
  • Banner format for an unobtrusive, yet convenient vehicle for exposure. Can be linked to your site.
  • Up to 10 advertisers will be in rotation on all in-story pages.


  • A huge full-screen experience that will surely engage the viewer.
  • Ad can feature links to a webpage, landing page, photos, video, and more.
  • Up to 10 advertisers will be in rotation.

iPad Link

  • Make ALL Your Print ads interactive.
  • Ads in the newspaper can be enhanced with video and links.
  • If already a print customer, this will add greater interactivity for iPad users.


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