6 Column Format
ANPA Advertising Dimension Standard Ads Applicable
1.53″ column – .17″ between columns

Page Size
10″ x 20″ Overall page dimensions
Column Widths
1 column             1.53″
2 columns           3.22″
3 columns           4.92″
4 columns           6.61″
5 columns           8.31″
6 columns           10.00″

Number of inches charged per page – 120. For double trucks add 1″ to width for layout. Gutter charged as 1 column. Ads over 19 inches in depth charged as full page depth (20″).

Tabloid TV Page Size
10.00″ x 10.00″
Anchored advertising positions available for multiple insertions.

Printing Process

Minimum Sizes – Display
Height: One inch depth.
Width: One column wide.

Registration marks required on printing material. One progressive proof required. AdPro ANPA – AAAA colors available.

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