• High Interaction Rate – With functions like video, movement and other engaging features, potential customers interact with ads – providing an uplift in brand awareness
  • Larger Space for Visuals and Message – More space to display photos, offer more calls to action and engage
  • Include Video – Video is a huge marketing medium on the web – YouTube and video consumption is exploding – make sure you have a video marketing campaign
  • Large Audience – 50,000 plus people get their news and information from CJOnline daily – target to the Topeka DMA to generate a greater response
  • Time – Runs online for 24 hours from midnight to midnight

Rich Media packages run on CJOnline on the Home Page or Inside New Pages

Package Rates
Package A
Package B
Package C
Package D
Sliding Billboard $350 each or Buy 3 get 1 Free
Corner Peel $350 each or Buy 3 get 1 Free
Interstitial $500 each or Buy 3 get 1 Free
Sticky Note $500 each or Buy 3 get 1 Free

Ads must run in a 3 consecutive month period.

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